Cizeta_Sumi_design Edi & Paolo Ciani_
Cizeta Group has a history of over 30 years that stands out for its great experience, production capacity and attention to quality, from all points of view. Its production process is a combination of advanced technology, handcrafted wood workings and sartorial details. Each model is the result of an extensive research and every detail is crafted with the utmost care. Choosing Cizeta means finding a lot of important values: performance, strength, feelings that only a product of real quality can guarantee; the charm of a distinctive and versatile style at the same time, in harmony with every aesthetic taste and every project; the reliability of an experienced, timely, dynamic partner, ready to offer custom solutions.
Via Grava Lunga, 4
33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (UD) Italy
T. +39 0432 758667 _ +39 0432 758141
F. +39 0432 758784 _ +39 0432 758628